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We provide you with a comprehensive set of marketing services to engage with your audience, get found with search engins and google ads.

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Keyword Research

We will find out high search volume keywords that people are searching on Google to find businesses like yours. Then, we will use them through out various meta tags to produce the best results.

Competitor Analysis
We will crawl and extract all the SEO elements of the competitors' websites, analyse them, check for their high ranking factors and gap points so that we can beat them out.

SEO Friendly Titles and Meta Tags

Google focuses a lot on page titles, headings and other meta tags. From keyword research and competitor analysis, we can plan out how and where to use the specific keywords. Markups helps the search engines to understand the content of our website and provide the best search results. it also improves the way website displays in search results by enhancing the rich snippets like star rating, publication date etc.

Verification of Website's Ownership

We will verify that you are the owner of the website with search engines. It will help them to make sure that you are the legit owner and not a scammer which in return improves search results.

Google Search Console Set Up & Indexing

GSC gives you all the control of your website for Google and provides other functionalities. After that, we will ask Google to index your website so that it can start showing in search results asap.

XML Sitemap Submission

By submitting an XML sitemap to Google Search Console, you’re giving Google a clue that you consider the pages in the XML sitemap to be good-quality search landing pages, worthy of indexation.

Image ALT Text

Searches engines cannot read the images as easily as humans. Alt tags provide better image context/descriptions about images to search engine crawlers, helping them to index an image properly.



Ad Words setup

We will set up Adwords account for you and link it with your website either by linking it to Google Analytics or through Google Search Console.

Campaign Planning

We will do research to find high search volume keywords that people are searching to find businesses like yours and create campaigns to target them through ads.

Appealing ads

We will create various appealing ads to influence viewers to visit the website. Once they are here, we can use different techniques and methods to generate leads.

Bid Management

We will set up either maximum bidding price to be paid for each keyword per click or to keep it open for best performance depending on various factors.

campaign enhancement

After running the add for few days, we will analyse which ad placement and keyword groups are generating most leads and will optimise the campaign accordingly.