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simple conditions.

Below you will find our membership rules and policies. To become a gabru plus member you must read and agree to these membership rules and policies.



Every Gabru Plus subscriber can enjoy unlimited updates with their monthly membership. There is no monthly limit to how many updates can be made to a website. Most of the changes will be implemented within 1 to 2 business days.

What is included:

  • Changes to text

  • Changing/swapping images

  • Creation/deletion of new generic pages (pages with one banner and content)

  • Creation and publishing of new blogs

What is not included:

  • Major changes to a website's design or structural layout

  • Adding online store

  • Custom coding or integration with any third-party API

  • SEO, Google Ads or email marketing related tasks


Minimum term of membership is 3 months. After 3 months, you can cancel the membership anytime by emailing us to hello@gabru.com.au.

Once canceled, your membership would remain active till the end of monthly billing cycle. After that, your website will be no longer live and will be removed from our system.

If you cancel your membership but would like to obtain ownership of the website within your own Squarespace account, you may request a transfer of ownership. There is a $600 transfer of ownership fee due before the transfer can be processed and completed.

Once transferred, we will no longer take responsibility of managing your website and you will be able to manage and edit it through your own Squarespace account.


You will be owner and responsible for all the content you provide. In the event of legal issues related to copyrights of content you provide, you agree to take full responsibility as the provider of the content. Please make sure that the provided content is yours, permissions have been gained from the owner of the content and/or the credits have been given to the original author.



Our websites are built and hosted on either Squarespace or Shopify platforms. Personal information, back-end integrations, and content on a website is subject to respective platform's terms and policies.


By subscribing to Gabru Plus membership, you agree to review these rules and policies frequently as you may not get notify of new changes and updates to it.
You acknowledge that your Gabru Plus membership will fall under any new and updated changes to the policies and that any previous policies will no longer be valid.